At Salt Street we pride ourselves on our original concepts, specialising in unique locations and untold stories. We see things differently, telling stories that go deeper than face value.

“Salt Street is one of our favourite and most creative partners” – DJI

We believe in every project we work on. The process starts by combining ideas about potential concepts, locations and people from our clients and ourselves. From there we zone in on what matches the end goal whether that’s demographic targeting and view count, or a untold story explored. We have had great success targeting specific demographics.

Once we have a series of concepts we zone in to find out as much as we can by talking to locals and scouting camera angles. We rarely storyboard as our projects constantly evolve and improve throughout the creative process. We don’t like to limit ourselves to a shot list. Instead we put our ideas together on a mood board and explain the feel of the film, from equipment and filming style to story analysis.




We would love to talk to if you’d like to discuss a concept of Project.

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