Marketing a film is a crucial step in Salt Street’s film production. We’ve had huge success in all three sections of marketing – national, social and community. With some of our videos reaching over 10 million views and counting we know what it takes to go viral.

We know our target audience and we work with our clients to produce a strategy to ensure we hit their required demographic. We run a ‘making of’ or behind the scenes media campaign during filming, to build excitement for the film. Each Salt Street film released is accompanied with press release, photographs, 15 second short edit, and a Q&A about the project to aid publishers and press.

At Salt Street we never limit ourselves to one sport so our marketing networks in the outdoor industry are huge. Publishers and national news outlets ask for our work, and our strong links with the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, blogs, social, and communities networks allow our films to reach any market. We use these outlets to promote our latest films and sponsors.




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